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Welcome to Howlistic Healing at Lake Cathie...
Our healing therapies for people and pets are based on treating every client holistically with the utmost of respect, compassion and kindness.
Howlistic Healing is located in Lake Cathie (pronounced 'cat-eye') and is just 17 kilometres south of Port Macquarie, NSW Australia.
A local business specialising in remedial and relaxation therapies for you and your dog.


Robyn Deakin

Remedial Massage Therapist
Tuning Fork Biofield Balancing
Clinical Aromatherapist
Healy Frequencies
Energy Healing


Robyn Deakin

Canine Myofunctional Therapist
Animal Neuro-Myofascial Release
WEBB for Animals Practitioner
Tuning Fork Biofield Balancing
Animal Communicator
Healy Frequencies 
Reiki for Animals


Well why not? Dogs have body's too and they feel pain, discomfort and stiffness just as we do. Although, unlike us that whinge and complain when we're in pain, dogs suffer in silence. When you understand why it's natural for them to do this, it will make more sense to you why they have to do this and why seeking a trained canine therapist is the most loving gift you can give you much loved loyal friend.
Dogs do suffer with silent pain due to muscular tightness, muscle weakness causing imbalances and compensation patterns through their system which can then lead to joint stiffness and joint issues as they age. Just because they don't tell you they're suffering, doesn't mean they don't have pain. Quite the opposite.
Having body tension, tightness and weakness also effects the internal structures of the body like organs and glands causing further the mind - body - spirit to imbalance. Howlistic Healing seeks to balance the whole dog. Not just the body or the mind or the spirit.

Home visits can be arranged if you can't make it to the Lake Cathie Howlistic Healing hound room. Howlistic Healing services the Port Macquarie and surrounding area. See list below.
*Additional travelling costs for home visits.
Port Macquarie | Wauchope | Laurieton | Lake Cathie | Bonny Hills | Kew | Kendall | Dunbogan | North Haven | Bob's Creek | Heron's Creek | Camden Haven | Sancrox | Telegraph Point 

The majority of dog owners will notice an improvement from the first session. This can be seen in the post session movement observation and will continue into the following week.
While the added information from the session is processed by the dogs nervous system, they may rest more or they may become more active due to restrictions in their muscles and fascia being released allowing them to feel greater freedom throughout their body.
Depending on each dog's issues, challenges and treatment given, the outcome will differ.
I'd recommend ceasing treatment 2 days prior to a competition or exercise activity if you have a performance or working dog. A treatment after competition and excessive exercise is highly advisable.
Dogs will typically relax if allowed to by their owner once they get home or after I leave from a home visit.
Dogs who are booked in due to muscle strains, soreness and gait problems will typically need 3-4 sessions spaced approximately 1 week apart. It is dependent upon each dogs improvement and recovery. 

When you book in for an appointment you will be directed to complete an online form about you and your dog's details, health, background and any known veterinary information. Once this is received your appointment will be confirmed.
When you arrive, Robyn encourages you to allow your dog to take the time to sniff around and maybe look for a spot on the front lawn to pee. As you know, if you have a new appointment and you are a feeling anxious, you'll need to go too! It's the dreaded "nervous wee response".
At your appointment Robyn will discuss the submitted form and anything you'd like to share with her.
An observation and assessment will be carried out and depending on how your dog responds, a hands on approach may follow.
As each dog and its behaviour is so unique and individualised, just like us humans, your dog may not respond to Robyn in a way that you expect them to. Don't be disheartened. Most, if not all dogs won't be to eager to lie still and have an unknown human touching them. However, their second session will be a lot different because they remember her by their senses and their awareness. With each preceding session they won't hesitate to come close and have her work on and with them.
New clients can fill in the canine intake form here 

Howlistic Healing accepts cash, bank transfer, PayID and credit/debit card payments via a secure payment gateway. 
As of 1st July 2023 there will be a small surcharge for credit card payments.

I am no longer a health fund provider so I cannot give receipts for you to claim your remedial massage treatments with provider numbers. I apologise for any inconvenience caused. 

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