About Me

Massage Therapist

Robyn Deakin

Remedial Massage Therapist (Human + Canine)
Canine Myofunctional Therapist
WEBB BodyWork for Animals Practitioner
WEBB EnergyWork for Animals Practitioner
Animal Neuro-Myofascial Release Practitioner
Accell Therapy - Cycloid Vibration Therapy
Clinical Aromatherapist (human)
Tuning Fork Biofield Balancing
Animal Communicator
Intuitive Energy Healer
Healy Frequencies
Animal Reiki

The journey from wanting to be a Veterinarian as a young girl
To learning all about the human physical body
With the understanding that we are all the same
Wanting to learn, to evolve, to grow and to open our hearts
Our loving loyal companions are showing us the way

Meet Robyn

Robyn Deakin is the brains and hands behind Howlistic Healing. After many years providing pain and stress relieving treatments for human clients on the Mid North Coast, NSW, she's looking at providing these same therapies to the canine world.
After seeking alternative animal therapists in the Port Macquarie area she realised that she'd have to travel far and wide to get support for her own dogs.
She has an authentic and unique, holistic approach to her treatments and combines not only her knowledge in remedial massage therapy and clinical aromatherapy, her intuition and experience also caters for client's physical wellbeing whilst not forgetting their mental, emotional and spiritual needs. 

Robyn's Background

Animals have always held a special place in my heart & in my life. I was an obsessed horse lover as a young girl but I never owned any. Growing up with 2 Siamese cats named Boots & Socks and a Bull Terrier x Staffie named Bullit. In my teenage years my dad designed and constructed an aviary for me housing an array of finches, parrots, budgies and quails.
My original career choice of being a vet was not to be and while getting out into the workforce I ventured into studying a diploma in remedial massage. Throughout my working life massage was what I could rely on between having "a real job".
After moving from Sydney to the Mid North Coast of NSW in 2002 my husband and I had a daughter and we enjoyed the lifestyle of what this area had to offer. Close to pristine beaches, lakes and country landscapes!
Before relocating to Lake Cathie I journeyed into cold pressed soap making using plant based ingredients. The numerous fragrant varieties of soap I created led me to set up a stall at the many markets held throughout the month in the area while I worked locally offering mobile massage to the community during the week.
In 2012 an opportunity came my way to study a diploma in clinical aromatherapy. I continued my education by going back to TAFE in 2014 to update my remedial massage qualifications since it was many years since completing my initial diploma.
During the remedial massage course my goals of working with dogs became apparent. I participated and travelled far and wide to workshops and certificate courses to get more involved in the canine world.
My passion as an animal helper and healer fulfills me with a lot of love and satisfaction. I'm able to help a lot of animals alongside their owners and it is a great pleasure to see improvements in both their quality of life.

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