Appointment Information (humans)

Before Your Massage

Whether it's your first visit or it's a follow up session, please arrive on time to your appointment. 
If you are a new client and you are wanting to book in for a massage you will be required to complete an online intake form prior to booking an appointment. 
If it's been more than 12 months since your last visit, you too will need to complete a new intake form. 
For New Clients or past clients that haven't visited for more than 12 months please fill out this Online Intake Form 
When you arrive you can either park your car in front of the garage door that's on the left or you can park down near the road.
There is room to turn around to drive straight out without reversing down the long driveway if you park in front of the garage.

During Your Massage

Your comfort is of utmost importance to me so whether your session is for a relaxation massage or a pain relieving/mobility improving remedial massage, you will draped with freshly laundered towels or sheets. All linen is changed after every client!
Pressure can and will be adjusted to your requested comfort.
The soft tissue techniques are used specific to the assessment done before and during your treatment. Some techniques can cause some discomfort but they shouldn't cause pain. 
Therapeutic grade essential oils are used with your massage unless you have skin conditions/reactions to oils and you would prefer a light unscented massage oil.
Also, depending on the presenting condition, I can use tools such as cold laser, cycloid vibration, heat packs and infrared/red light pads which can facilitate healing and recovery.

After Your Massage

Massage always feels good to the body while you're lying on the massage table and the days after one. Your range of movement will improve, muscle tension eased, along with a substantial decrease in your aches and pain levels. 
Over the many years of working in the massage industry, I have completed other body work courses where I have adopted to using new technique styles of soft tissue manipulation. Because of this you will no longer "suffer" with a week of tenderness. That being said, what you may experience is a mild form of tenderness in any areas that were worked on in your session later that same day and possibility the next day. Those areas should only cause an awareness of the area of tenderness for a short amount of time. 
Within the next 5-7 days, any weak muscles that have been activated may cause a dull ache to be experienced. This is not uncommon and you may begin to think that you are taking one step forward and two steps back. But in actual fact your body is adjusting and wanting to find its balance. The goal is to lessen tightness and restriction, and to strengthen those weak muscles. 
There is one other thing I'd like to mention that can occur after a massage, and that is feeling sleepy. This is a normal response! It occurs because of your brain processing information from touch and the techniques that I use. If you find that this sleepiness is extreme, please let me know at your next appointment so that I can adjust how much information is being given to your brain in the next session. Even too much sensory input has a negative effect on your health.
Many clients have asked "how many appointments are needed" before they feel better and this can vary depending on the condition they present with but as a recommendation, a four week treatment plan is best. You will feel more at ease after your very first session. If, however, you have a chronic condition then it may take longer than the recommended initial four week treatment plan. 
Please note: each session will be adjusted to your needs, requirements and requests. If you would prefer more of a relaxation massage, instead of a remedial massage then that's more than ok with me!!! 

Appointment Information (canines)

When You Arrive

Whether it's your first visit or it's a follow up session, please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment time and allow your dog to sniff around and go to the toilet before coming into the healing hound room. 
You can either park your car in front of the garage roller door that's on the left or you can park down near the road.

During a Session

Most sessions will start off with a gait and posture observation and assessment. A combination of other therapies will then be used to treat the dysfunctional areas to restore balance.
No treatment is ever forced onto a stressed dog. I allow patience and compassion with uncooperative dogs and have a range of treatment options available to help them. Most dogs become more comfortable with the environment and are calmer on subsequent visits and actually begin to look forward to their treatment sessions.
Sometimes there will be a pause in the session as this allows the effect of the treatment to integrate with the dog's nervous system and their brain. This leads to a positive and reinforced relaxation response rather than a reactive stress like state. 

After a Session

The majority of dogs feel the need to urinate after a session so please take your dog for a short walk before you get in your car. Your dog may be quieter than usual, lethargic, may drink and urinate more after a treatment. It is recommended that you keep your dog quiet for at least 48 hours after the treatment so the body has a chance to rebalance itself and respond to the treatment. Avoid rough play and only light exercise during this time. Highly arousal activity will compromise the value of the soft tissue work the dog has just received.

Appointment Information

All appointments are made from an online form.
To make an appointment CLICK HERE
Please do not use the form below on this page or call me to ask to make an appointment.
Appointments are strictly arranged by using the "Book an Appointment" link. This saves time instead of toing and froing with text or emails.
Use the "Contact Us" form on this page if you're wanting to know more information about our therapies and services for you and your pet(s).
* Our therapies are not substitutes for seeking either veterinary or health practitioner care for urgent injuries and/or illness. 

Cancellation Policy

Your scheduled appointment is set aside for you and/or your dog. My time is shared between home visits for the dogs and the Lake Cathie Healing Hound Room, leaving enough time between appointments. I do not double book or have back to back appointments. Please reschedule as soon as possible if changes in circumstances prevent you from keeping your appointment. 24 hour cancellation notice is required to avoid being charged for your session.
If you need to cancel your appointment, please call or text me ASAP (at least 24 hours notice) so I have the opportunity to offer your appointment to another client. If less than 24 hours notice is given, you may be charged anywhere from 50% to full cost of your session as a cancellation fee. If you do not show up for a scheduled appointment, you will be charged a no show fee which is the full cost of your session.

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